Deli Ostrich has been striving for excellence for more than 25 years. Excellence in flavour and quality, excellence in caring for our natural environment, and excellence in business.

Reliable global partners and operating methods that meet the strictest European standards guarantee fresh and long-lasting products. Deli Ostrich closely monitors the farming and slaughtering processes of its exotic meat. The main difference with industrially farmed meat is that exotic meat grows in its natural habitat and is guaranteed free of hormone additives. In addition, it contains fewer calories and fat.
Even for the newcomers in our range of products, such as entomo food, flavour, quality and honesty are paramount.

Natural environment

We strive for a healthy relationship with plants, animals and life in general. Deli Ostrich’s exotic game is only culled to maintain the natural balance. The animals develop in their original pristine habitat, with minimal human intervention. However, insects (entomo food) are the animal protein sources with the lowest impact on the ecosystem, and will be vitally important in the future for the world to continue to feed its growing human population. Besides the care we take in selecting our range of products, we also consider the natural environment during our daily operations. This includes efficient work methods and using 100% green energy.


Deli Ostrich is the European market leader in exotic game, and supplies the largest Belgian stores. We can thank this position to steady and healthy growth. When it began, the company focused on local game and poultry. This all changed in 1988 when Deli Ostrich began to import ostrich meat. Four years later, we also began to import crocodile meat, a first in Belgium.